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Welcome to Flame of the Istari!

Server: Arkenstone

First Founder: Tpharvester
Leader and Founder: Robertbyrd
Successor: Tpharvester

We are a reborn kinship, small but close-knit.  A casual kin, full of helpful people.  We craft for each other, share resources and knowledge, and help each other with quests.

Member Expectations:

1. Be respectful in kinchat.  Be kind and friendly to each other.  Keep the hot topics (politics and religion) to /tell conversations, and don't gross us out with TMI.  Absolutely no racial slurs; racism is not tolerated in LotRO, and just might get you reported.

2. No mooching.  If you're going to ask for help from others, please also be willing to help.  Having said that, crafting and materials should be free among kinmates.  But it is about give and take; if you're taking all the time and not giving, you will find others less and less willing to give to you.

3. No drama.  If you have a disagreement, try to resolve it first via /tell.  If you are unable, please enlist the help of an officer or mature kinmate.  If the issue is still not resolved, contact the Leader or Successor, who will resolve the issue.

4. Absolutely no actions that violate the LotRO game Code of Conduct / User Agreement.  These will be reported.

Because we are a kin that welcomes all levels and ages, please be mindful of those who are online at the same time as yourself.  If unsure about the age(s) of your fellow kinnies, please keep kinchat PG-13.  That includes swearing, vulgarity, drugs/alcohol, and sexual innuendos.  Thank you for respecting our younger members.
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Tpharvester, Aug 13, 12 9:06 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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